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Roots Hair Food


Roots – Hair Growth Formulation can help restore hair with Potent Ayurveda Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Biotin, and plant-based Collagen that Stimulates and Support the Hair Follicles and Promotes Healthy Hair Growth rapidly.


Roots – Hair growth – Food for your hair and scalp with Vitamins to Stimulate Hair Growth with Pure Ingredients, Vitamins, and Ayurveda Herbs.

•  Optimum result in Hair Growth Repair

•  Helps to Boost Hair Strength

•  A Super-Stimulant to Improve Blood Circulation to Hair Roots


Step 1: Apply it on a wet scalp starting from the scalp to roots and all the way down to the ends. It gives better results when you spray your scalp with Vitamin Hair Mist

Step 2: Apply an adequate amount of Root’s Formulation to your scalp. Leave on for an hour or overnight or leave-in

Step 3: For best results, use thrice in a week for eight weeks

Note: Ensure your scalp is damp with Vitamin Hair Mist before every application.

It is not necessary to rinse/shampoo hair after every application. Root’s formulation gets easily absorbed into the scalp, leaving your hair nourished and giving a fresh feel, without any sticky feeling





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