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The Patented formulation helps De-congest, De- Stress & is an allergen that is combined with pure healing herbs, Ayurvedic spices and Antihistamine Herbs.

Roots – Hair Growth Formulation can help restore hair with Potent Ayurveda Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Biotin, and plant-based Collagen that Stimulates and Support the Hair Follicles and Promotes Healthy Hair Growth rapidly.

Vitamin Hair Mist – Hair Fall Formulation has potent Ayurveda herbs, Vitamins, and Natural Anti-Oxidant Ingredients that Boost and Support the Strength of Hair Follicles and Stop Hair Fall rapidly.

Hair Protect Conditioner Our sulfate free formula helps fight frizz and breakage, infusing moisture to promote healthy strands that softens and enhances shine.

• Nourishes and strengthens, leaving hair more manageable 

• Detangles, reduces breakage and adds shine

• Hydrating formula gently softens and moisturizes hair


It is blended in Pure Aloe Vera with Ayurvedic herbs, Vitamins and Anti-Oxidant ingredients to help reduce friction between 

hair strands to prevent damage. It is safe and effective on all hair types, including color treated hair.

Hair Protect Shampoo helps restore and maintain active levels of Vitamins and minerals to promote healthy hair and scalp. It will give your scalp and hair a detox, by removing buildup without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

  • Helps maintain clean hair and scalp
  • Contains Anti-Fungal, Anti- Bacterial properties
  • A super-stimulant for a healthy scalp and healthy hair

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